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Over 110 useable commands.
For more command information, use paw help.

Prefix and Command Usage

paw help

You can use paw or paw prefix to set the prefix.
Warning: Do not literally type out <>[] etc
Tip: You can use "Double" and 'Single' quotation marks for command arguments that have spaces.


paw help fun
  • 8ball <question> Shake it!
  • avatar [user] Get a user's avatr url
  • birb Get a birb pic.
  • cat Get a cat pic.
  • corona [country] Get COVID-19 statistics.
  • e926 <tags> Search on e926.
  • fox Get a fox pic.
  • fursuit Get a fursuit pic.
  • lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • owoify <text> OwOifies your text.
  • proxy Get a free proxy.
  • shibe Get a shibe pic.
  • vote-out <user> Vote someone out, Among Us style.


paw help rp
  • bang <user> Bang someone! (NSFW)
  • boop <user> Boop someone!
  • cuddle <user> Cuddle someone!
  • flop [user] flops
  • fuck <user> Fuck someone! (NSFW)
  • hold <user> Hold someone.
  • howl <user> Start howling.
  • hug <user> Hug someone!
  • kiss <user> Kiss someone!
  • lick <user> Lick someone!
  • ncuddle <user> Cuddle someone! (NSFW)
  • nhug <user> Hug someone! (NSFW)
  • nkiss <user> Kiss someone! (NSFW)
  • nlick <user> Lick someone! (NSFW)
  • propose <user> Propose to someone!
  • ship <user> [other users] Ship someone
  • suck <user> Suck someone. (NSFW)


paw help nsfw
  • bulge Get a bulge pic.
  • e621 <tags> Search on e621.
  • hooman/irl Get hooman/irl pics.
    • irl Will give you Gay ⋙ Pics
    • irl [gay/straight] Will give you Gay/Straight ⋙ Pics
    • irl [g/s] Will give you Gay/Straight ⋙ Pics
    • irl [gay/straight] pic Will give you Gay/Straight ⋙ Pics
    • irl [g/s] gif G/S ⋙ Gifs
    • irl [g/s] toy G/S ⋙ Toys
    • irl [g/s] butt G/S ⋙ Butts
    • irl g femboy G ⋙ Femboys
    • irl g trap G ⋙ Traps
    • irl g twink G ⋙ Twinks
    • irl [g/s] bdsm G/S ⋙ BDSM
    • irl [g/s] watersports G/S ⋙ Watersports
  • murrsuit Get murrsuit pics.
  • yaoi Literally yaoi.
  • yiff [straight/gay/lesbian/dickgirl] Get some nice yiff.


paw help mod
  • purge <amount> [filter] Purge messages in a channel.
  • qotd <message> Creates a QoTD. Manage messages permission or QoTD Manager role required.
  • role <user> <role> Adds/removes a role from a user. Requires Manage Roles


paw help util
  • help [command/group] [page] Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
  • prefix [prefix/"default"/"none"] Shows or sets the command prefix.
  • ping Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.
  • create-invite [channel] [expires after] [max uses] [temporary] Create an invite as many times as you want for a channel.
  • debug ["all"/"guild"/"user"] Debug.
  • embed <embed> Creates an embed.
  • history [channel] <message id> Get the history of a message, including past edits and changes
  • invite-info <invite/user> Get some information about an invite or a user's invites.
  • invite Get a link to invite the bot!
  • listify <list> Turns your text into a list. Seperated with new lines
  • permissions Get raw permission info. Useful for Discord developers
  • server-info Get a very detailed amount of information of the server.
  • snowflake <discord snowflake> Converts a Discord snowflake into a date. Useful for Discord developers
  • stats Get some bot statistics.
  • user-info <user> Get a very detailed amount of information of a user.

Levels, Economy, Points and XP

paw help levels
  • buy Buy some stuff from the economy shop.
    • buy golden-loot-crate Purchase & open a golden loot crate for $10,000 and open it.
    • buy old-loot-crate Purchase & open a old loot crate for $50 and open it.
    • buy platinum-loot-crate Purchase & open a platinum loot crate for $100,000 and open it.
    • buy steel-loot-crate Purchase & open a steel loot crate for $1,000 and open it.
    • buy wooden-loot-crate Purchase & open a wooden loot crate for $100 and open it.
  • daily Claim your daily reward.
  • donate <user> <amount> Donate some of your points to a user.
  • leaderboard ["all"/"server"/page number] Display the top users with the highest balance.
  • loot-crate Displays loot crate information.
  • lottery <amount> Purchase lottery tickets for 1000 points each.
  • points [user] Check your balance.
  • vote Vote for the bot on
  • You can get from 2-30 points every 60 seconds for chatting in any server.
  • Points are global.

Customizable Settings

paw help settings
  • settings Useful commands to change certain features of Paw Bot.
    • settings levelup-channel [channel/'none'] Sets where levelup messages are sent. Administrator only.
    • settings levelups ['on'/'off'] Set levelup notifications on/off. Administrator only.
    • settings logs [channel/'none'] Sets the logs channel. Administrator only.
    • settings qotd-manager-role [role/'none'] Sets the QoTD Manager role. Administrator only.
    • settings qotd-role [role/'none'] Sets the QoTD Ping role. Administrator only.
    • settings welcome-channel [channel/'none'] Sets the welcome message channel. Administrator only.
Paw Bot